1. January 2013: FreeBSD Jails

    This month, we are meeting at Message Systems in Columbia on Thursday, January 31 at 6:30 PM.

    Devon and I will be pulling a tag team on FreeBSD Jails. Devon will cover the engineering / development aspects while I'll hit the implementation highlights from a systems admin point of view …

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  2. November/December 2012: SysAdmin Tricks

    For our November/December combination meeting (since so many people have plans near the end of both months), we're meeting Thursday, December 13 (6:30 PM ET) at Message Systems Office.

    For this meeting, we will be discussing some SysAdmin Tricks (hopefully related to BSD). Mike Erdely will be demonstrating …

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  3. September 2012: Hadoop

    In September, Jason Crawford gave a talk about Hadoop slides.

    This was our first meeting in Message Systems new office.

    (Sorry for the late post and late posting of the slides).

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