April Meeting (Note the change in venue)

This month, we will be meeting on April 28 at 6:30 PM EDT at OmniTI's Columbia Office.


One of our new members, Devon O'Dell, will be giving an introduction to Plan 9. He will be showing off some of the basics:

(stuff about using rio, mouse chording, editing the terminal buffer, etc). It'd get into plumbing (e.g. RFC:1234 + middle click = you get to read RFC 1234), private namespaces (goodbye $PATH), and importing / exporting the network stack, which will be demonstrated to work both ways using different network stacks.

If time permits, I might get a bit into some of the differences between Plan 9's implementation of C and its C library as well. (For instance, Plan 9 has polymorphism in structs, and a `typestr' keyword which allows for operator overloading, among other things).

This sounds interesting. Thanks, Devon.

After the meeting, we'll find a nearby place to grab some food and drink.