August 2007

This month's meeting was once again at Raba in Columbia. We had nine attendees, but with two presenters, that's not all that great! In a BSD Users Group, it's the Users that make the group great! I hope we have more participation next month.

To start us off, Johan Huldtgren gave a short talk about FreeBSD's GEOM ([PDF Slides]). He discussed the basics behind the software RAID framework and explained how he uses it.

To close the meeting, Bret Lambert (tbert) gave a talk about contributing code to the OpenBSD project ([HTML Slides]). He talked about learning C, finding a place to start, kernel hacking and being patient waiting for interest in your diffs.

Audio versions of the meeting are also available as part of MetaBUG: OGG and MP3. (Thanks to Newt0n for hosting the files)

Many thanks to Johan and Bret for their great talks!

We adjourned the meeting across the street at the Green Turtle.