August 2008 Meeting - Best Practices and Multimedia Demo

This month we'll be meeting on Tuesday, August 26, 6:30pm EST at SRA/Raba in Columbia, MD (Suite 205).

We will have a round table discussion about SysAdmin best practices. If you have any, please share. If you want to demo something, bring your laptop or let me know in advance to see if I can accommodate with my laptop (I don't usually let others drive). If there is time (of course there will be time), I will give a "dazzling presentation of OpenBSD as a multimedia powerhouse" (ohai, Johan). "dazzling" is code for "short". And "presentation" is code for "thrown-together demo". And "multimedia powerhouse" is a euphemism for "remote MP3 player".

After the meeting, we'll spend too much time deciding where to grab some grub and drink and then go there. See you there.