DC*BSDCon 2009

DC*BSDCon was a booming success. In just three short months, Jason put together a polished, well run conference. The speakers gave very interesting talks and the space for the conference was organized very well. The main conference area held plenty of seats for the attendees and the speakers were easy to hear.

The Frack Room was set up for gaming, but I'm not sure how much gaming was done in the room. Brad brought donuts and coffee and I'm sure that's what most people visited the Frack Room for. :)

The social event was a great meet and greet with free beer for 3 hours.

My favorite talks were Kirk McKusick's talk about the history of BSD and the OpenBSD talks: Ted's, Henning's, Marco's, and Todd's. The Mult project (hi, Kristaps), Brooks's clustering talk, and Richard's network monitoring talk were also very interesting.

Everyone that I spoke to at the conference enjoyed themselves very much. I'm proud of the CapBUG members that helped Jason set up and run the conference (along with Dru Lavigne).

Congratulations, Jason, on putting on a fantastic conference.