January Meeting - Screen Tricks & Imitating Windows Services

This meeting marks CapBUG's 1 year anniversary. For this meeting, we'll gather at my office in Columbia, MD again. To celebrate occasion, Patrick Thomasson will be bringing a special cake.

I will give a mini-talk about how I use GNU/screen, how I have it set up and how I use mutt and irssi. Following my talk, Johan Huldtgren will give a mini-talk about setting up a samba PDC/ file / print server.

The meeting audio will be broadcast (Slides will be linked here and URL for audio will be active during the talk). This should work fine for x11/vlc users (or systems with QuickTime support). A CapBUG representative will be available in #metabug on Freenode to field questions.

After the meeting, we'll head over to The Dog Pub in Columbia for food and drinks.