November/December 2013

This month, we are meeting at Message Systems in Columbia on Thursday, December 19 at 6:30 PM EDT.

Michael Dexter will give a demonstration of bhyve, the BSD hypervisor on FreeSBD. bhyve is a legacy-free hypervisor that relies on modern processor features such as Extended Page Tables and this is very small in size. bhyve can run any recent version of FreeBSD plus has experimental Linux and OpenBSD support. You can learn more about bhyve at:

Biography: Michael has used BSD Unix systems since January of 1991 and wrote his first FreeBSD jail management system in 2005. Michael is the Director of US Operations for the ScaleEngine content delivery network and in his spare time edits Call For Testing, a BSD technical journal. Michael lives with his wife, daughter and son in Portland, Oregon.

Please join us for the meeting at Message Systems and then for dinner and drinks afterwards at Victoria Gastro Pub.